Farm over the wall

Day 113 I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved

The farm lies a way down the hill and the scene is framed by the broken wall. Perhaps this picture helps me to reflect how some people just take a few rocks off the wall in order to try and get to the safety of the house. But that is not enough, they still have many more rocks to remove. Each of the rocks are the sins we have and they seem to keep piling up.

I don’t think Jesus just zaps our sins and they vanish, although it does say He took on our sin. But there must be effort to change, as this is a natural reaction to an encounter with God.

John 10:9

I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture

In order to get to the safety of the house we must work with God to journey through the gate, we must follow Jesus. There is work to do as the path may lay up hill. But there is also storm clouds in the background looming. Our journey to the house might not be a pleasant one but Jesus will be with us. He can comfort and bring us peace in times of great distress.

Many people refuse to accept that there is a God because they see no evidence. From the beauty of the land and the miracle of life, the existence of God seems the most plausible answer. Add to that God’s evidence of himself – His working through the bible and then His testimony as He appeared in human form as Jesus. Add to that the work of Christians worldwide and the refusal to believe and accept Jesus is just to stand at this side of the wall and look upon the beauty of nature but to stubbornly refuse to accept that it is a miracle of life, a creation of God out of His love.

Many people also think that the answer to creation on earth lies in space aliens seeding the planet, but that does not answer the question who seeded the seeders. Jupiter Rising is another of the long line of such films that have been released to suggest this. God on the other hand is Eternal. No one created God as He always existed.

I believe that on our own efforts we can never get through the wall as the rocks keep piling up. Perhaps there is another that keeps handing us a rock to put on the wall and in our confusion we give in. Jesus on the other hand helps us through this journey, He leads us through a gate, a doorway of change. He unlocks the gate and banishes the evil one so that we are safe.

We also are told that we will find pasture, find nourishment on our journey. Companions help us on our way and offer advice and help. Jesus stays with us and guides people into and out of our life.

Dear Lord, help us to banish this sin by helping us to repent of any wrong doing, seeking to do good and support one another through love.


with blessings


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