Month: June 2020

Faith is Revolutionary

For some time I have been struggling with some questions and a direction. Not a direction with my family as they are my grounding, but with the Lord. Early on in my faith I had various images, dreams and messages about how God wants me to bring in the harvest, so I naturally said yes. I jumped onto this and explored it. As I explored this, read my bible and prayed, I encountered people on their walk and spoke to them and encouraged their faith.

Faith has been my strength through this walk as I dealt with laborious systems that seemed to want to ask sceptical questions rather than help you to do a task.

Faith is revolutionary

Faith is revolutionary, it transcends barriers and pain,
It Looks to rise the fallen back to healthy from the lame.
It’s the knowledge of things hoped for, the evidence you just can’t see,
It rescued a poor selfish wretch and sent him out of that cave to be free.
It inspired the Apollo astronauts to proclaim in the beginning God,
And Buzz Aldrin worshipped on the moon taking bread and wine in the pod.

It’s about Jesus walking willingly towards our pain with outstretched armsAnd allowing himself to be nailed to the cross so that we don’t have to be harmed


Jesus giving himself for us, means we must give ourselves for him
Jesus dying on a cross means we must die to worldly sin
Jesus forgiving when humiliation is at its worst
Means we must forgive even those that always curse
And Jesus proclaiming “it is finished”
Means we must take him The Word and not be diminished

Jesus said one day all would bow their knees to him
But to this day I still have friends living far away in sin
this means I don’t give up and cry out that God has failed
because Jesus gave himself willingly for my friend and on that tree was nailed
I pray for my friends, I pray for the world, I pray for people to be healed,
For by showing an outflowing of God’s love in the world, we are children of God who are sealed.

Jesus, dare I call him my friend, saviour, God and king
Dare I approach him a sinner, knowingly I humbly sing
Amazing grace that saved a wretch, that changed a life, that turned it round
That plucked me out from under water and saved my life from underground
There’s nowhere to hide, give up the fight, he’s God so you cannot win,
all argument stops when we are judged, are we clean of all our sin

So focus on Him, the author, and perfecter of our faith and salvation
And we pray that God’s love is seen in us and that we are a new creation
You see Jesus took our sinfulness, from the first turning away from Him.
And if we accept his gift, our lives for his eternal offering
We’ll be white as snow, we’ll feast in that day, with sit with once departed friends
And with tears of joy we’ll realise as He says, this pain has an end.

Our walk should not be a lonely one – it should not be a struggle as we have God with us. But you also need someone to walk with you in prayer that has got your back, otherwise you are open to spiritual attack, and prone to fall into weakness in your thoughts.

Dear Lord,
Send Your Holy Spirit,
Holy Spirit come,
give us also friends to walk this walk of faith with us.

In Jesus name