Category: Jesus Christ

Be your best version that God wants you to be

There is an open bridge, welcoming and open. A way for all regardless of what life you have lived, free from judgement now because the tree stands tall. The judgement has fallen on God’s only Son and through Jesus we now have access to this breath of God. God wants the best version of each one of us and He will relentlessly pursue us until we accept Him with open arms. Individual, unique and created whole as an image bearer of God.

Creating a space for God

Here I am, twelve months since this silence started, since we were told to stay indoors, and we are just starting to see the hope from the life ahead of us. What will the future hold. Like explorers at the foot of a mountain, I feel the excitement of knowing that we will soon hear the voice to start walking and we shall begin our ascent, up and up into a new land.