Walk with me and be blessed

This morning I was walking with my wife through a cold shaded woods, the light barely could penetrate because the sun was so low, and yet I could still see beauty and design. Every step was careful so as to not slip on the ice, and yet sometimes I did slip but managed to correct myself. Slowly we started to emerge from the shadows. We could see design in the icicles that formed on the grass.

We were blessed by the light that warmed us and highlighted the colours as we emerged from the shadow of the hill.

Even though I am still in a valley in my life with people wanting to hurt me in many ways, I bless God everyday and I know that He is with us through this time. I don’t feel anger towards those that hate me because I know the Lord is with me. Even though God seems distant I know He is here, because if He where not He could have chosen simply to end my life. I still see no end to this valley but I have taken Hebrews 4:9 to heart and buried it deep.

There remains therefore a Sabbath rest for the people of God.

Hebrews 4:9

In the night a voice spoke – believe in me and enter my Sabbath rest. Believe and rest. Take a walk with me and I will show you blessings. Walk with me and be blessed.

Our walk showed us many blessings, a family of deer that darted past, a few weeks back I had managed to get a photo of one.

More blessings followed, a robin that perched and watched and seemed to follow us around the walk as if to say. I am with you through this, I have shed my blood for you.

God blesses us everyday even though we may feel pain, He feels it with us because He has suffered and continues to suffer until His church and creation is unified and reborn in the great day that the Lord will return.

Dear Lord bless everyone that turns to you
and help your children to keep the faith
through the valley of the shadow of death.

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