lamb under tree

Day 177 For You have been a shelter for me

I have been away at a Duke of Edinburgh weekend in a data dead area so here is my reflection from Fri.

The picture shows a young sheep under a small tree. As I stood and took photographs in this field the sheep would just walk up to me, it seemed they had no fear and were quite inquisitive. There were sheep bleating with joy all around and I seemed to blend into the surroundings.

Psalm 61:3-4

For You have been a shelter for me,
A strong tower from the enemy.
 I will abide in Your tabernacle forever;
I will trust in the shelter of Your wings.


We all have things that help us feel safe, or calm or just at home. Perhaps a chair in the  house, perhaps an old blanket when we were children, perhaps as a child a teddy bear. Perhaps many things, and this sheep seemed to like it under the tree. The sheep feels safe and at home.

I have been trying to increase the amount of prayer time recently, and on the days were I have achieved some quality time I have found that God does work. God is our shelter and a tower with walls on all sides if we pray to build up these walls. But I have found that God doesn’t take away my weaknesses, he uses them instead.

An example is my piano playing. It is not brilliant but I keep practicing and I am getting better. But my imperfect playing on a piano leads into discussions about not being perfect and how to carry on with Joy. When I play a wrong note I just smile and carry on because I know that God will use me and use what ever talents I have to Glorify himself. What I lack in one area, being perfect, I make up for in another, being enthusiastic for God.

One line that fills me with eternal hope and joy is the line that says; I will abide in your tabernacle forever.

We can withdraw to prayer anytime, any place and connect with the Holy Spirit. That is where God’s tabernacle is.

Dear Lord, help us all to understand the protection you give to us on a daily basis. Protect us from the evil one, lead us away from things that will taint us. Dear Lord come to those in this world that really need your protection and healing.


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