fields of gold

Day 178 to give them ‘a land flowing with milk and honey,’ as it is this day.

After the first day away from social media and any internet camping under under Pendle hill I started to really enjoy the outdoors and nature. Everything everywhere is beautiful. All the children were away from social media like pages and they were bonding and experiencing life. The sun was shining and some even reported see a deer with her babies bouncing behind.

Jeremiah 11:4-5

‘Obey My voice, and do according to all that I command you; so shall you be My people, and I will be your God,’ that I may establish the oath which I have sworn to your fathers, to give them ‘a land flowing with milk and honey,’ as it is this day.” ’”

I looked upon the fields and as I did waves of sunlight rippled across the grass and hills, which was mixed with buttercups and wild flowers. The yellow gold colours glistened in the sunlight. Everything looked bright and wonderful, sunlight breaking through the floating white clouds.

Stop, look, and see the beauty. Look up from your phones and start communicating with the real world.

I have been thinking about how much we have, how we live in a land that is a land of plenty and of opulent waste. Masses of food are thrown away everyday, and in another country people are starving.

In Jeremiah it tells us that God is promising to bring his people, the people that follow his word, into a land of plenty, but the last 5 words are easily overlooked – As it is this day.

As it is today – we live in a land of plenty. 

Saturday – We hear more news of more evil acts by I.S. and the world debates what to do, or what to debate for another week or two. People are running in fear, and who can blame them. But who are we to stop the people fleeing in terror coming to a land of plenty to feel safe, to feel love from a people that have been brought up, from a remnant of a country based on the basic laws of the bible. What could be the worst that could happen, we have to live a less opulent lifestyle and share more!

Dear Lord, we have a land of plenty, let us share this with everyone who asks in need, and respond to the people we meet, as Jesus didn’t turn away anyone, let us not turn away anyone in need. 


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