On mountain tops

The opportunity came to climb scarfell pike in the lakes with my son. The weather reports where good with no rain and I was free. We drove up in the early morning and as we drove over the low hills the breeze blew away the mist revealing the cascading hills in the distance. We arrived and we started to climb with the sun on our backs and a slight breeze in the air. The path loomed ahead of us and we made good time pursuing the steep the path. As we arrived at the crags we pushed through the biting wind that raved across Pikes Crag, but eventually we arrived at the top. Strangely calm with no wind. After a quick lunch we quickly descended through the wind to once again be met by the sun.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Psalm 23:4

There is something about climbing mountains which connects with my faith. It seems that God’s presence is made known on mountains to Moses, Elijah, Abraham, Isaac and many more. Being at the edge of the elements and the near limit of your strength makes me want to praise God. There were many times I praised God that day, but I was thankful that I had the company of my son. We climbed the mountain together, rod in hand to steady our way. Through those moments of challenge God goes with us, at our side as our walking companion.

There are wonderful moments when you are in the thick clouds and for one moment the wind blows the clouds away and the view could be seen over many mountains. Thank you Lord for the beauty in your design.

View from Pikes Crag

I have found in my walk that in order to see the work of God you have to pursue through the pain or through the apparent harshness of life. The biting wind was very strong at times and it didn’t seem to blow away any cloud, and yet as we descended and a small breeze cleared a huge layer of cloud, the hills and the lakes beyond where revealed, but only for a moment.

At that time Jesus said, “I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth [I openly and joyfully acknowledge Your great wisdom], that You have hidden these things [these spiritual truths] from the wise and intelligent and revealed them to infants [to new believers, to those seeking God’s will and purpose].

Matthew 11:25 amplified version

God’s presence and direction is revealed to His children and small parts at a time. When we descended I had some moments sat by the waterfalls and the gentle trickling of the waters washed away my concerns for the months ahead. God was with me and even if I do come to fall into the water at some point, the staff will be for me to grab hold of and be rescued by my saviour Jesus, God incarnate.

Praise to God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. How Father, you revealed the truth about yourself perfectly over time. How your Son embodies the very nature of you and how the Holy Spirit guides each new believer with prayers constantly for our good. Praise for your marvellous creation which was made good, and praise to you God for the creation of mankind which you made very good. Amen

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