An eager longing

I was walking through the forest some time ago and in a split moment light rays came down and highlighted a little child. She seemed to be the only one inn colour. Perhaps God is revealing His children everyday but we fail to notice their journey or their remarkable impact they are having or will have.

I desire God’s voice, His answer, His presence and yet when I am in a church building I very rarely feel or experience anything, and yet when I am in nature I can openly speak to him. It’s almost like the building is blocking God’s voice – which I know is impossible because God can reach to the utter depths of the sea to speak.

I read today Matthew 24 and thought on the words;

Sin will be rampant everywhere, and the love of many will grow cold.

Matthew 24:12

“Is this me?” I thought. I seem to not experience any sort of message at church apart from the constant affirmations that we are miserable sinners! I’m miserable sometimes because I feel disconnected with God’s presence – that’s it! In fact the messages seem very bland and all the same, “are we giving enough?”, “are we being humble enough?”, I yearn for the church to wake up, the be a place where the presence of God is felt by everyone, where the hope of Jesus Christ is experienced.

I return and sit in the forest and I sense His presence return. Perhaps God is with me always but I get so confused with all the ceremonies and things that happen at church. Reading one week from one book in the bible and then another snippet from somewhere else. Gods creation is not hidden for anyone to see and experience the beauty. Creation is not showing us one disconnected little part and then another, it is all God’s creation and we experience it every day.

Dear Lord, help me to experience Your presence always, fill me continually so I can spread the Word of God with hope. 

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