A new bridge

I’ve spent a few days gathering fallen branches, with the help of my son we gathered the larger ones up and managed to carry them up the steep hill to the house. Many times we fell as we carried the logs but eventually we managed the climb. Then we used them to build the bridge over the garden pond. Many times the rain came and washed me as I worked. Eventually it was done. It looks rather rustic but is strong and safe. I got a few splinters collecting the wood but I think it was worth it as it looks rather charming.

Through time he gathered the fallen and lost
he promised they would see life
Then he sent his son to pay the cost
he would take the sin and strife

The hill he strode was long and steep
at times he fell and felt pain
but no torment could cut so deep
that could not be washed away with the rain

There is a bridge over a dark watery edge
built with time and sore ridden hands
to some it looks like an unbearable pledge
to others like a safe journey from harm.

Step on the safe and freely made path
and journey to a land made with care
For blood and sweat has paid off the wrath
and this gift is given through prayer

God bless and I hope you all have a wondrous God driven year.

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