A new house, a new beginning

We have moved! It seems both a short time and also a long drawn out time since we started this process, but we have moved.

The old house remains in my memory, especially all the old brick out buildings that were falling down, perhaps a project for someone stout at heart or with plenty of money. The mud hut, a place to reflect but also full of things that were not right – a higgledy-piggledy building with many leaks and just loads of rework needed to just maintain it – this at times felt like an analogy for my faith.

At other times my faith walk has been straight and direct. Today I was taken back to the verse in the psalms.

As soon as I pray, you answer me; you encourage me by giving me strength.

Psalm 138:3

I so much need strength to walk with God and I am at this moment reminded that as soon as I pray, He answers me. Our relationship with God is not like a leaky mud hut but like that of a Father or mother who dotes after their only child.

When I was younger, I was asked to row a boat back across a lake to the jetty to get the hired boat back. My brother had been out fishing all day and had probably had enough so I agreed. As soon as I rowed out into the lake it seemed like a storm blew up and at times it felt like a hopeless task – and so as I rowed I prayed to God – perhaps just to calm my nerves without any belief that He answered prayer but He answered and before long the waters were calm and I was back at the jetty. Being young I pushed this to the back of my mind.

The truth is God is good and He answers when we pray. If we have accepted Jesus as Lord then we can start a new life and cast our sinful thoughts away and walk on a new path. Yes at times we stumble but when we do God is there to pick us up because as soon as we pray He will answer. Our faith needs maintenance just like the old mud hut.

Later I jumped over the back wall of our new house into the woods and just found a spot to pray. It felt right, it needed no maintenance, it was all created by God.

Lord thank you for your presence in each of our lives through the thick and the thin. Calm our busy days and help us to focus more on you. Thank you for your creation for it is truly wonderful.


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