A few seeds planted, now time to move on.

God is my rock. When the world rejects me, or rejects you, once again you should turn to God and He is there in the silence, He is listening and is ready to guide. He can hear our cries and our inner most thoughts and feelings, that’s both scary and comforting because we are told that we are to fear God.

God has a plan for me, like He has a plan for you and this world is at odds with God but it can never win, God’s Word will Come about. When rejection from the world happens I retreat to my inner place, a place where the presence of God resides. Here the Spirit is the Comforter and the Spirit does not need to say a word but sometimes the Spirit just resonates. He is here, alive and He is waiting to enter into the lives of many more on this road as we set off on the path talking once again to strangers who are lost.

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.

John 14:18

Dear Lord, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
I praise You for You do not leave me
but guide me through any time of rejection,
any time of thoughtlessness,
any time of hunger,
any time of pain,
any time of sadness
or any time of isolation.
You are with me through all times
you guide me and all is for Your benefit
and I give this all to you today.

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