When there is silence, God speaks

Many things have come and gone,
And life goes ever on and on.
And much is missing from before,
Sixth months since we did shut the door
And the journey never seems to end,
Nor fellowship return around the bend.
But hope is hidden deep within,
of love and memories why we did begin.
and soon we shall all meet once again
and sing together the great refrain

Life seems different. Much lost or sleeping, but we cobble up the winding road. Many of the things I did and my family did have changed or just plainly stopped. Band rehearsals, choir rehearsals, scout meetings, meeting up with other people through these groups and just activities put on for a community.

Something struck me just then. I heard those words, “what ever you value the most is your god” and straight away I would say “well Jesus is my God”, but also another voice would say “what does that mean, are they just words?”

If God is who I value then think of everything I have, all my skills, abilities, interests, as well as things to live a life that is comfortable. It is a blessing from God and I would not have a single ounce of me without God allowing myself and my family to flourish.

But these are just words! Do I actually act like the Eternal Trinity is the most valued thing. Abraham must have acted like his family was the most important thing for God to test him to remind him that he would not of had a family if it was not for the miraculous act of God and again I would not be alive if it hadn’t of been for a miraculous act of God to save my life.

Family is a great value and must be high up on our hierarchy of values, but when it stops you looking beyond the physical needs and worries to the creator and supplier and source of all love and knowledge then we shall quickly slide into a state of anarchic worry trying to live our lives meeting needs and tying to fulfil the needs of many and failing.

Instead look beyond all earthly existent to the spiritual creator and supply of the river of life – Jesus and He will fill you with the Holy Spirit and take that burden from you and set you on a road that you will never regret.

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