Have you ever felt pure joy, pure love, pure hope?


The following spoken word/poem is inspired by my personal conversion experience and my thoughts and feelings afterwards reflecting on the story of the prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32

The video was created in Adobe premiere, and the music was composed by myself.  

Pure Joy


Have you ever felt pure joy, pure love, pure hope?
Has it ever filled your mind or your bones?
This encounter fills your body so you cry out to the Lord,
a worship of joyous thankful groans.
With tears in your eyes you walk out of the room
and everything now is alive,
A few moments before it all felt so dark,
almost like you might not even survive.

But now the world can not contain you,
your body is struggling to keep you in
The smile on your face like a child with a toy,
as you realise you’ve been forgiven of sin.
The feeling like you might suddenly escape and fly off,
soaring above in the clouds and sky
like an eagle exploring the world from afar,
seeing all fine detail from on high

This is more than a feeling of joy or of fun,
it’s gone deep down into my veins
It’s hard to explain how God saw me that day,
I am new when once I was ashamed
I would say my body celebrated with joy,
that finally its purpose had been found
Like a seed that was gathered from a far-off land,
now is planted and is growing in good ground

You see I’ve lived without love for money came and went,
selfish was my heart in that day
Until God’s grace came looking and he wouldn’t let go,
until I listened to what he had to say
His Son told the story of the prodigal like me,
who cursed his dad and ran far from home
and he lived a life of sin and of shame so his heart,
felt cold like a heavy clay stone.

So this Son he decided to return to his dad,
and beg for some life as a slave
But his Father when he saw him, ran out and embraced,
my son has been risen from the grave
We shall feast everyone, we shall dance and be glad,
we shall sing and rejoice evermore
For my son has come home, he was dead now alive,
he’s returned from a far off shore

there’s a feast all ready with milk and honey,
and the master will call us all one day
And we have to show love and faith in our lives,
for the Lord has given us the Way
one day you will awake from this story and song
like a symphony with you as a chord
And Jesus will say “Well done good friend
Come and celebrate the joy of the Lord”



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