Run to the cross 33

I have to say, I didn’t want to go out in the cold air tonight. As I ran along the now familiar route my breathing was heavy and I could only just manage some basic prayers. God knows why everything is happening, I had a heavy feeling in my legs and the run felt almost pointless. Why, what is the point?

Some days it is like we are under attack from negativity. It is like everything we do and say is under attack by another voice, or another mind. Prayer seems pointless, running seems pointless, decisions seem pointless. The world talks about mental health, but I believe it is bigger than that. It is Spiritual health and when we are about to have breakthrough for the kingdom it seems like oppression comes.

Daniel 10:17-18

17 How can I talk to you, sir? I have no strength left, and the wind has been knocked out of me.”

18 Again, the person who looked like a human touched me, and I became stronger. 19 He said, “Don’t be afraid. You are highly respected. Everything is alright! Be strong! Be strong!”

Some days it seems like there is a wall between you and God. There isn’t, it is just our perception. Like the words delivered by the angel, You are highly respected. We are all children of God and He is fighting for us always. The only cure to these feelings is prayer to the Lord, servant prayer.

Dear God, listen to our souls, we are feeling the walls that surround us are a barrier, yet you walked through the walls in your risen Kingdom body. Give to us your assurance that we are children of God and respected and then set us to work in your vineyard. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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