Run to the cross 23

Before the darkness came there was a feathery sunset. Sunsets and sunrises always fill me full of hope and wonder, and this was no exception. I ran tonight and prayed, prayed that I would have courage in the days ahead. I prayed that I could lead others to the light, for it is a beautiful thing when God reveals Himself.

I remember a time when I was in darkness, many years ago. I could feel the fear, that with every step, I could slip and plummet to my death, and then the prayers would come to my lips.

“The Lord is my Shepherd”

The shepherd must have heard my voice, from the great distance He leaned in close and saved me and before long I could see the light from within and it filled me full of hope because I knew I was safe. I crawled through the mud stained barrel of rusting steal and stepped up into the light. There were many times like this and each time He leaned in close and saved me.

When I see a sunset, I see His smile and He fills me full of His hope.

Dear Lord, you are the shepherd that King David prayed too. Help us to share the gospel to many more and to speak with your words and thoughts. Amen

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