Run to the cross 18

Down to the woods and over the stream, splashing through mud and startling beams, careful there’s frogs and foxes lie still, heading for ponds and holes in the hill.

As I ran through the forest, the light highlighting the muddy path ahead and I could see frogs on the path. I counted seven frogs that I jumped over, they seemed to be heading for the pond that is a little way ahead.

Frogs at this time of year are ready to start spawning in their home ponds. Each year we have frogs return to the garden pond to start over.

I am reminded of creation over seven days, six creation and one rest and the moment Jesus returned to Jerusalem on a donkey and the passion starts. There are two creations, one at the start of history and the other at Easter, when creation is re-created in the birth of Jesus. One creation with a rest, and one creation with pain.

Matthew 8:20

Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”

How will we respond when the times are hard, when everyone seems to be retreating to their homes, isolating themselves off. Will we return home and pray, bringing forth fruit that you may never see until many years ahead or will we sacrifice ourselves and go forth into the community to help and produce fruit that you can see straight away? Jesus could not even rest His head on the cross as they had thrust a barbed crown of thorns onto His head.

The path in the photograph leads off into the distance. At some point you will be asked to make a decision to turn to the left, the right or carry straight on. Choose the path that Jesus took, sacrificial living.

Lord God, help all those that are affected by illnesses and those looking after I’ll patients. Grow a spirit of love in each community so no one will be lonely and will be left despairing, in Jesus name. Amen.

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