Run to the cross 7

Out of the door and down the lane, faster and faster I ran. I turned into the park, dark trees and no lights. I had not charged my head torch in the last few days and the dark park seemed to encroach of what I could see, the light getting dimmer and dimmer as I ran.

The day had started with much conflict, but I felt at home. Like a polar bear in deep water, perhaps perilous to some, but to me this was my comfort zone. A young chap turned up to talk about bread making and then off I went to talk about how Jesus is different. Never loose your faith, never loose that drive, that freshness for seeking the cross and the will of the Father, it’s what drive us to seek Him.

but I turned and started back running alongside the street lights.

God will lead you to those who need help. Ask him to show you the way and it will be revealed.

Matthew 7:7


“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Now the steep hill lay ahead and I sprinted, “don’t stop, don’t slack the pace until I reach the top” I heard myself say out loud and I kept the pace fast until the top.

How strange the day ended, supposedly meeting with people seeking God, but I felt like a fish out of water. They shared stories and everyone laughed but I just sat there thinking, what is funny – the church is dying and everyone is just meeting for a self help group to laugh about it. Never loose your focus on the cross. Never loose your faith, your passion for the Gospel, for Jesus.

Then, just then on the way out, without saying a word cups and bowls were broken.

I feel more at ease in a storm, with the broken than with the statues and vases in a museum. I bent down to pick up the pieces and felt ‘that is what I am called to do, to reach the broken, to pick up the pieces’, but where will God lead?

Lord God, lead us, teach us, heal us


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