Why do the nations rage?


A hot evening draws in on the Isalnd of Rhodes and the sound of an aeroplane overhead disturbs the peaceful sunset. The sound settles and the beauty of a sunset is once again focussed on. Dispite our attempts we can not match God’s beauty or complexity of design. On an Island that seems deep in its Christian history there are many places where you can buy icons of false gods, or even angels or mere humans treated as gods to be worshipped. Why do we turn against the direct command of God to not to make or worship idols?

Psalm two starts off with a similar question.

Why do the nations rage?

Who is asking this question? Is this king David or the Holy Spirit, or both? Regardless of who is asking this question the nations seem to rage against God’s Word and so the music starts like a relentless machine with cymbals and timpani providing the crash of an alarm. Mocking sounds in the violins and pounding cymbals, timpani and snare drum provide the momentum. Life can feel like it is unending and a dizzying pace for some.

In Acts 4:25-26 Peter and John talk of this psalm and reveal that Jesus is the anointed one, He is the Christ, the promised deliverer. By the actions to try and end this movement of God by crucifying Jesus on a hill they actually set about the salvation of the whole world.

The choir start with an almost scream of a cry that you might make when the alarm clock first sounds. The words of man are monotone and without melody and compared to God we are nothing, our voice would be silenced in an instant, but there is hope.

“I will declare the decree:
The Lord has said to Me,
You are My Son,
Today I have begotten You.

Jesus is the anointed that sits next to the Father. The music for this sections sounds raw and more melodic but ends by echoing the words of man with a stern warning from God.

The last section is a feeling of God speaking in a tender tone and the tension builds and finally there seems a release of tension with the words;

And rejoice with trembling.
Kiss the Son

The music builds to a triumphant doxology at the end bringing all voices and instruments together in a uniformed way. Have a listen and tell me your thoughts, certainly a deep psalm.

A prayer

Dear Lord, Help us to love you completely
Help us to accept the awsome Son’s sacrifice
Thank you for your guidance and help us all to
kiss your Son in trembling joy.


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