Do not judge

Nature does not judge. It carries on in each season as it has done for many aeons and it is beautiful. I stood and watched a beech tree outside our church and observed the white flies darting from one seed to the next, they all have their perfect place in this creation. We are all different and yet we also have our own perfect place in creation, who are we to judge one another? The photograph is of dragon flies doing what they do best on Alcock Tarn near Grassmere.

Do not judge me for how I appear,
for is not this the fashions of the world in which you fear.
Jesus said, “why do you worry about what you wear”,
Perhaps you would judge him if he had long or short hair.

Why do you come to church and listen each week,
about sermons of love which minutes later you fail to keep.
I can work to the bone and help in every possible way,
but if I don’t dress as you think you declare I’m deficient or so you say.

I was lost years ago but Jesus came and he saved,
he didn’t give me a list of rules that had to be waved.
I struggle in my walk but the Spirit leads my way,
He fills, and he guides me and he empowers what I say.

So here this, it is the will of my very living Lord,
Make disciples, heal and free people from their pain and the sword.
Don’t put up barriers, or rules that you clearly made up,
Jesus is our only standard and we share in his holy cup.

If I offend you by how I look or how I dress, 
then ask God the Holy Spirit to lead you out of this mess.
for I’m quite fine with how I impose no man made rules,
I just try to point to Jesus, my saviour and not to worldly fools.

I care not for positions, or titles to my name,
I’m not perfect in any way, we’re fallen all the same.
I care not if I appear an idiot, a fool or lost sheep,
for I know my Lord Jesus is walking there guiding my feet.

If I have sinned this day by what I have done or what I have said,
As every word the Father will measure as we lay down our sweet head.
I give this to Jesus for his righteousness he gave us all on that tree,
and I sing songs of Joy and renewal for the world to be free.

Matthew 6:25
 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?



The butterfly, the flowers, even the grass is clothed by God. So why do we worry about what people wear and even judge them?

 Dear Lord,
help us all to walk in your way and not to judge others but always point to the light of Jesus.



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