Enter His Kingdom rest

When you awake and you don’t know what the world will throw at you,
You watch the sunrise and enter His rest,
When the day finishes with turmoil and tension,
You watch the sunset and praise him for your best.

When the world is changing and your faith is met with derision,
Take a moment to thank the LORD your Creator,
When it seems that your career is at an end or a stop,
Take a moment to think that His pain is greater.

When He shared your pain, your turmoil and worries,
He cared enough to one day come down.
He understands your concerns, your ridicule and mockery,
He took it all on a cross and wore the thorny crown.

When He conquered death on a cross He took it all on that day,
He let His own will be a servant to the need.
He rose again in triumph to set us free from our pain,
and He sent the Spirit to guide us away from our greed.

When you can thank Him every day for the small mercies you see,
When you can praise Him when the day is at an end.
Know this that you have entered His kingdom building rest,
and His Son Jesus is now your friend.

A small poem reflecting on entering Kingdom rest in times of turmoil – for all you people out there facing an uncertain future.


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