Is something missing from your life?

Here we see nature, the beauty of nature at work. Dragonflys in the midst of love. Isn’t God wonderful. Unfortunately general revelation is not enough to save our souls, we need a relationship with Jesus, and only then will we release the Holy Spirit to others.

That is how life is supposed to be!

I have been getting dreams now every night and I realise quite quickly they are not about me, but for someone out there, so that I can pray for them and help to release God’s kingdom in their life, so they can then do the same. Are you trying to do Kingdom life on your own, like this next dragonfly?


Is this dream for you?

Here’s the choatic dream last night;

Trying to do many trcks on a motorbike, and you crash – someone tries to teach you..
You have a cello which is broken, the head has snapped off, but you know it is very valuable, but you sell it for £30. A new recruit has done wrong and has been given the task of doing everyones homework as punishment. You task him with the homework of saying a prayer. It is raining and you reach for a large coat. You are on a Harry Potter ride which is fun, but someones shorts (trousers) rip in front of you, you have a spare pair which you offer to lend but they decide to return to their family.


You are trying to live the life Jesus asked, a supernatural life, but are not quite managing this. The person trying to teach you is Jesus but you are seperated from a church – you keep attending church but don’t quite get it (the body of the cello) – selling the church will do no good, you have to have a church that works, the money will do no good (30 pieces of silver – Judas). 
You keep trying to do small deeds of good, these are good but are not really helping others, convincing them of the evidence of God. Lessening one persons worry by one load is not going to convince them that Jesus is real, they need an encounter and relationship with Jesus. The rain is the Holy Spirit, you need this to soak you through the skin and to be pouring out into other peoples lives. The thrill of being given salvation is not enough – God wants us to reconnect the Holy Spirit with Jesus in a prayer and release lifestyle. People will very quickly turn back to their old ways (return to their family) when the thrill is over, even if you do some good deed – it is a RELEASING of SUPERNATURAL POWER through JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT BEING REUNITED.  

So just like the dragonflys are united in love, so must your lifestyle and worship be reunited, Jesus and the Holy Spirit – all the time giving praise to the Father, through his Son, demonstrating this by the power of the Holy Spirit.

There is no other lifestyle we are asked to lead as Christians. Church is not just a club that is meant to do good, meant to put on an extra event, it is a place to worship and praise God , train and develop our skills at releasing the Holy Spirit so others can be saved, you go out and demonstrate the power of the gospel and they see the proof, the evidence that God is real.

May you be in union with Christ & the Holy Spirit




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