Designer of nature, speaks!

My mother asked on a walk “what are you taking a picture of, there is just water and there is no colour?”

When you find yourself spending many hours working at a computer trying to write music to a deadline, then any break from the normal to get into nature and see and experience God’s glory is going to do you worlds of good – God’s design heals just by walking through it. The beautiful lake called Blakemere at Delemere forest in Cheshire is a healing forest and many people use it to give joy.

Robert Stevenson started to design the Menai Rail bridge but he had to draw on inspiration from nature using hollow tubes, or rather he called upon the help of two gentlemen who had expertise and these two gentlemen drew on the inspiration of nature. But many people even though they know we get inspiration from these wonderful miracles of nature. They deny the designer of nature.

“Hammering onto heated iron creates strength”.

William Fairburn an engineer and Hodgkinson a mathematician used inspiration from nature when Stevenson brought them in. Humble box girder? Or replicated tube from nature.

It was a shame that it took Robert Stevenson, or so it seems from what I have read, many years to admit that William Fairburn played a major part in the design of the strength of the bridge, but neither of these two really gave any glory to God who has put billions of designs into His creation so that we may draw our inspiration from Him.

God is supernatural. He is by very nature beyond this world and not able to be tested by this world, but that doesn’t say that He doesn’t test us. When I say test I do not mean that God allows sin so that we can be shaped, because I have come to believe that God does not allow any sin but that He limits himself to working through our bodies, through our prayers, through our faith.

Now you may go along with this idea which is not new, but when you actually start talking about God speaking to you or supernatural events taking place, such as; words of knowledge, prophecy, healing, even events conspiring for God’s glory, and many others, then I have found some people give you a strange look. It is as if you can talk about God, or even suggest He has created beautiful designs but when you actually suggest He is working here and now and is reaching into this world and prompting us to act in a supernatural way, like He modelled with His Son Jesus, then you are a nutcase!

On the 11th of January 2015 a newspaper printed a headline that a vicar heard a message from God. What! I almost laughed myself to sleep that night. Here is the headline;
Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.00.56.png

How incredible that people think this is headline stuff that God is actually speaking to us. What is more incredible is that He is speaking to you and me, not just vicars, and He is speaking everyday. We can all hear Him, we just have to train ourselves to listen.

Jeremiah 7:27

“When you tell them all this,
they will not listen to you;
when you call to them,
they will not answer”.

Friday I heard God’s voice clearly.

In the morning I had been praying on the way to teach at a school;

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 09.20.53.png

I added

“Send me to where children are asking about God”

I got into work and the Head told me with no promptings that the children are really asking about God at a certain school. Wow, that was a bit freaky, but even more so when I gave a word of knowledge that I had kept for some time to someone, immediately the phone rang and the agency told me the school no longer needed me and that this other school – the one that the head had mentioned – the one where children are asking about God – needed me. Now I am not going to identify schools but it is clear God trains us up to handle some element of Kingdom release before He allows us to have more.

“Hammering onto heated iron creates strength”.

All praise must go to God, as my life is in His hands on a daily basis.

Send me anywhere,
only go with me.
Lay any burden on me,
only sustain me.

I am yours,
bring your Kingdom,
here and now,

Through Jesus







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