Fred the mouse and a fat cat

A mouse knocked one day I remember the time

He stumbled right up to the door

 “Good day I say” said he in a rhyme

“I don’t wish to be a big chore”

I was staring at my phone when I answered the door

At least that’s what I blame it on

I really didn’t see him he was too low to the floor

The glare from my phone just shone

“Name’s Fred” said he in the shivering rain

“And I wish to make friends with you

I came one day just to ease your pain

last time you just told me to shoo”

“I’d just dried my umbrella and my scarf is just right”

said me “but I don’t talk at the door

Perhaps if you email or snapchat or skype

I’m not sorry and you are a bore!”

“I’m looking for bread” he gasped “just a smidge

I’m looking for some food to share

If you could spare a morsel out of your fridge

I’ll set a place at the table where we care”

“I’m a cat!” says me “and you are a mouse

And that is the way it will be.

You have nowhere and I have a house

And I have fish supper for tea”

Well my fridge was covered by many a beast

It seemed to be guarded by things

There’s a fish and a snake and word that says feast

And an egg and a scorpion that sings

I hardly could gasp not even reply

before he fell flat on the floor

a crowd had gathered and started to sigh

“Oh my what a sight at your door”

“How can this be?” said I in disgust

“I’m right in the middle of food

I’ve got fish and chips and garlic crust

And bread that’s baked just for the mood”

“this fridge is my fridge and its staying that way

a fridge special only for me

and I couldn’t care less if you came every day

I’ll eat supper and dinner and tea”

I grabbed a brush so that no one could say

“this wretched thing is your charge

He came for a time perhaps every day

But your belly was overly large”

I threw him outside were dogs sometimes prey

And turned the telly on really loud

As a moaning and groaning and things I can’t say

Made my belly feel not quite proud

Then I saw the letter the red words that said

“you’ve spent all your money is gone”

My heart gave a lurch as it felt it was dead

as the mouse he just moaned sadly on

Just then I felt pain was the fish all too large

Perhaps it was snake in disguise

but then I was gone from my bread and my marge

and no longer could smell my meat pies

Instead there I swam I think up to my head

I seemed to be drifting in pain

If only I’d given a little of bread

And just brought him out of the rain

“Fred the mouse will you help me now I see

I’m stuck and my phone is gone

What’s this place its not fun and I’m not at all free

You seem to be with someone?”

“you had more than your chance” said Fred in my ear

“The bread that you swallowed was a stone

But I’m willing to forgive and start a new year

with my blood I’m willing to atone”

“But make sure you change for one day I’ll be back

and cast off that shell that you see

and guide you to the place where you choose robe not sack

and a place that all can feel free”

So the mouse was gone, I never saw him again

but I knew he had payed for it all

for the letter said a mouse payed full in the rain

just so I could live and not fall

Said cat “one day if your soul is at your feet

and you have much more than you could need

Remember to share and offer  your seat

for one day your good works will seed


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