Come Holy Spirit

As the year starts I start on my knees thanking the Lord for the last year, His grace, mercy and perseverance to stick with me and my family through our ups and downs and I also thank him for the year to come because I have already seen the Holy Spirit at work in our lives.

I want Him to enter my life so much that people will not be able to recognise me from my old self.

My old social network self has been erased – hopefully apps will not re-awaken those networks for their distraction was immense and I set my self here and now to commit to the Lord in which ever way He leads.

I have been busy journalling but not sharing because there are things that are best just kept with the Lord, and the fact that online journalling takes time which I do not have when the need to pray is pressing every day.

Come Holy Spirit fill our lives with your presence and joy and power through this new year
through Jesus Christ



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