The tree, the house and the village

God knows exactly how many times we need to be pushed and prodded before we come to faith, but because we have free will, the natural response of the body is to turn away from God. 

The tree – God’s perfect eco system.

It withstands storms and years of battering from the elements but it also houses many insects, birds and animal life, not to mention the fruits, the nuts and then after all that it replenishes the air that we all breath. How wonderful.

The house – Man’s perfect eco system.

The tree is cut down and is rebuilt as a main beam in a house. We think we can create beauty but compared to God’s plan, God’s perfect mini eco system these houses lately are sterile and only house humans in comfort, separated from nature. Air conditioning and heating systems constantly on. Not having to work to maintain enough wood to keep a fire to warm us. We no longer need to work and so we grow lazy and our bodies start to die.

The village – Mans continuing plunder of the eco system.

I see a village being built and there are no room for ponds, for trees, for space to relax in. No room for God’s nature to grow and clean the air. Tons of new cement, tons of new roads. Where do we think this will stop?

A bleak picture perhaps?

Years gone by we knew our neighbours names and all looked out for each other. Now we escape into the entertainment that placates our minds and numbs our morals into not acting, and not seeing blatant sin. Perhaps we have become lazy to confront sin anymore, we just escape into our media world of instant fix.

Many don’t care that they sin because they do not now it is sin, it’s just normal behaviour – popular culture. And so everything that comes against popular culture must be made fun of and even worst, silenced and locked up. No longer there is free speech – If you think there is just read about the ‘Ashers bakery ‘case and many more like this.

I turn the TV on after a long day with the firework display and the kids are still up. Jonathon Ross is on and he is introducing his guests. Jonathon makes a comment about the first guests hat and the guest tells him to F**k off. Shocked I look for the remote to switch over or switch off, before I find it he shows a picture of someones attempt at a cake – I like “bake off” as it is good wholesome viewing (no longer for the BBC) and he mentions it looks like a load of dildos!

Foul language and bringing sex into everything – the culture of this world. 

I turn the internet on and there is a message on Facebook. As I am reaching to click the message I see a post about how you would not share a post about a lady because she is disabled – despite the fact that she is dressed in a very tight dress leaving nothing to the imagination.

The reason why I will not share the picture is because I believe that women are naturally beautiful and don’t need to dress with skimpy cloths to attract the leering eyes. When I met my wife, I felt that feeling of love from her eyes and it grew from there. Jesus tells us that to even look at another woman in lust is a sin and so the Holy Spirit is within to keep me from that sin.

I feel grieved that our children are gradually being led by this generation, that’s my generation into a sleazy culture that erodes every moral dignity. Yes there has always been sleaze and yes there has always been smutty jokes, but it is really becoming hard to find entertainment that is not sleazy and smutty. I left the Army partly for the fact that I could no longer put up with smutty behaviour  and low morals when men were away from their families, and not all were like that but enough to make me feel sick inside. God convicted my heart to change.

How many people will deny that there is sin? Not just sleaze, not just the sexualisation of everything, not just inappropriate words, not just anger, or injustice – but sin. The fruit of sin naturally is death – death of all morals and a life in a godless world.

The human is sacred – we are created in the image of God, a vessel to carry God within, union with the Holy Spirit – how awesome! But how often do we treat it as a throw-a-way commodity – our very own bodies and others. I feel tonight there is only one prayer I can say that will rise to God and will work powerfully on this earth.

When we say this prayer and say “forgive us” we are not just saying forgive myself, but we are saying forgive humanity for its sin.

Matthew 6:9-13

Pray then like this:

“Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
10 Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven.
11 Give us this day our daily bread,
12 and forgive us our debts,
    as we also have forgiven our debtors.
13 And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit


The tree, we are meant to mirror this example by being perfect eco systems sustaining life and creating new.

 the house, when we focus on ourselves we become disconnected from God. 

village – the more we focus on the culture of the world to accept anything that is thought up without asking God, the further we turn from him. 

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