The Uneven Path

The uneven path

It has no correct angles
and bumps everywhere.
An engineer would laugh,
then scratch his head saying “beware!”
It has worms and critters on the roof,
and frogs dwelling in the sump,
but strangely enough calm comes upon me
as I reflect in this earthen lump.

It could be the blood and sweat lost,
or the hours spent covered in mud,
or the time spent listening to birds
as I fixed in another wonky piece of wood.
I think more than all its a space devoted,
set aside and purely free,
from the clutter of outside life,
looking outside from an inner looking me.

It’s a place Holy special
not for design or technique,
Or the fact that the time was spent,
working how to plug the leak,
As I struggled to build each wall
on the cold and wet soggy days,
I questioned my faith daily asking
“Is this really the only way?”

As I built with clay and mud,
and smoothed it all around,
I waited patiently for God
to break through the daily sounds,
With patience like a pebble strewn beach,
I read “The Word” each muddied day,
I studied psalm forty and looked at what
King David did have to say;

“He brought me up out of a horrible pit,
Out of a miry gloopy clay,
He set my feet upon a rock,
And established my way.
He put a new song into my heart,
“Praise to our God on High”.
And those that have reverence,
for our creator God,
Shall shout with joy with the trees and the sky” 

So if you find your path is not straight,
Not even at a squint,
Do not despair and have no fear,
For our God has left a glint,
A clue so big, a test proved true,
A gift for everyone,
That God himself had died for us,
He sacrificed His One,

If He can raise himself from death,
and break and roll the rock
Then He can lift you from your pit
For He has paid the lot
If He has created time and space
And shaped it by His Word,
Then trust in Him that He can guide
From within like a Holy bird.


From the Hobbit Chapel

In Jesus name


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