heights of Abraham

Day 364 “Here I am,”

Looking down from the heights of Abraham is a wonderful view down the valley across Matlock Bath in Derbyshire. The whole area just resounds in beauty, and this shows the area a few years ago. I am nearly at the end of my journey and I was drawn back to this picture because it reminded me of a few things.

  1. The area is riddled with caves, and caves have always fascinated me because it was the fascination to explore and find something new that got me into caving in the first place. I ended up bringing friends along on trips exploring rather unprepared systems that many would shy away from. I nearly died in many but didn’t. Things are hidden so I go after them with what ever I have at hand. I remember a system not far from here that I explored in just a pair of jeans and a coat, with a hand torch and a backpack with some butties – how daft – but I felt the urge like I was going to find gold. Another walk had me exploring a hole in the floor with just the light from my phone and when that died I just felt my way not really concerned whether I should fall down a huge shaft. Reckless abandonment to the task at hand! This whole year has been like that, at times I have felt I am searching for gold, like when I was in my bedroom as a child and I would explore books about king Arthur and the tales that he was buried in a cave somewhere waiting for someone to draw the sword and blow the horn, and at other searching forward feeling my way but not really seeing clearly.
  2. The other thing this picture reminds me of is my family. How weird that a picture of trees should remind me of my family, but when you think of the holiday we had there was full of joy and beauty then you will understand. Back then it was simple, do things together, anything, just do things and enjoy each others company. I’m not in any way saying that it doesn’t happen now, but it is something that next year I can focus on a bit more rather than writing on a blog.
  3. Our roots. Abraham is one of the fathers of our faith, but he is really in a long line of people who blundered their way through the bible and in the end a perfect boy was born. Abraham was chosen by God, he didn’t do stuff that made him holy, far from it, but when he was chosen he abandoned himself completely to the will of God and through him was born Mary, who gave birth to Jesus. Family trees matter because they shape how we think and behave to a certain extent, but we all have the power to step outside our shackles and be us. Be who we are meant to be.


Genesis 22:1

 Some time later God tested Abraham. He said to him, “Abraham!”

“Here I am,” he replied.

My prayer this whole year, and I still have one last day to rant on about my journey, is about trying to answer God. He called me and I said “here I am” and from there I have blundered forward making mistakes and making an idiot of myself at times, but going forward, and always I have felt him guide me further towards the path. 2013 started with a “No”, then 2014 started with a “Stay” and I wonder what word I will get for next year. How many of us are really listening and scrabbling forward in the dark for that light, for the one word to be whispered into our hearts. God surpasses time because he created it and so we must have eternal patience and hope and joy that God is with us and he is guiding us slowly for his aims.

Dear Lord, here we are, send us out only for your will regardless of cost.

Through Jesus Christ


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