Day 357 Praise Him, sun and moon; Praise Him, all stars of light!

Tonight I was reflecting with my son Matthew on how awesome the moon is. Tonight the moon is not quite full – it sets tomorrow. Explaining how things work is always a challenge with children as they always keep on asking questions. Explaining how the moon gives its light, how it appears bigger in the sky some nights, how rainbows are made.

Psalm 148:3

Praise Him, sun and moon; Praise Him, all stars of light!

The moon is magnificent, as is the glorious sun, and today I really enjoyed a good walk with my children messing around on a river as the sun shone down its light. It seems that life is fine tuned for this planet, even the moon being at just the right distance, as if it were further away or closer it would cause either not enough current in the sea to keep things fresh, otherwise it would cause too much.

I am impressed with my new camera, as tonight I took my first night photo. The crater at the bottom,¬†Copernicus, is massive. Trying to explain how big it was to Matthew had us drawing on paper and putting the city of Preston inside this circle – it is 93 km in diameter, which means it would be like running around the guild wheel in Preston about three times. It’s very size is awesome and it fascinates many. The moon is so different from the earth, but performs its duty it has been assigned perfectly by God.

When we look at all the stars and planets, we see that they are all different and show the diversity of the creator, but they also show that we are here on this special planet that is perfectly fine tuned for life to exist. Imagine the three bears story, we have been given a “just right” planet, a “just right” sun, and a “just right” moon, for us to live happily ever after on and there are no bears coming to chase us away. Let us take care of what we have left. We are the stars of light, so let us praise Him.

Lord, thank you for today, for the sun, for the laughter, for the enjoyment. Let us thank you daily for your glorious creation but also share this wonder and awe with others so that they too will start to ask questions about its wondrous creator.


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