Day 340 Their voice goes out through all the earth

The sunset tonight was a very subtle event with just a few blues and the odd orange and yellow. Just enough colours but still beautiful. Sometimes the sunsets have been very stark, or very vivd colours, but just lately not so.

Does God have a message in the sky that we can not translate, like there is someone talking in a different language and we don’t understand them. Possibly according to the bible, or the psalmist could have just been using poetry to paint a mysterious picture of God.

Psalm 19:4

Their voice goes out through all the earth,
     and their words to the end of the world.

This is vast becoming one of my favourite psalms, just underneath psalm 23. But is it just the sky we should be looking at, after all I noticed a bird sat in one tree all alone.

bird all alone

Can this bird be waiting for something? Can the animals actually understand the speech that pours forth not in words that comes from the creator? I think if you spent any time observing nature you would come to the conclusion that yes all life can understand this seemingly very complex communication, but we have our eyes and ears closed, separated inside our houses.

Perhaps Abraham had a close connection with the earth living in tents and there being no light pollution. Can we get back to that closeness with nature so that we can hear God’s voice echoing through the sky and through very nature itself.

Many people are waiting for Christmas, but they have their eyes and ears closed to this sad event they are all travelling towards. Many people who have their eyes and ears closed to the real message of Christmas are being led astray by the very devil himself as he pours more and more effort in an attempt to turn a celebration of the birth of Christ into a celebration of things and consumerism. Further debt and further stress, over consumption and much waste. More lights, snowmen and santa clause and eventually no one will remember the whole reason of Christmas.

But God has won already, and His voice goes out across the sky, and we are here to finish the skirmishes. We all have the power, the Spirit available to us if we but ask for it, but God will not give His Spirit to us unless we are willing to first cast off the shackles of the devil and allow the creator, the Word Himself to guide – Christ.

We wait in anticipation for Christ’s return to finally finish this mad world’s sin and restore the earth to its perfect balance being a home for the children of God.

Dear God,
Empower us, guide us, be with us,
calm us, lead us, be us, 
Spirit empowering,
Jesus guiding,
Father being 

Almighty God
Father, Son and Holy Spirit





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