flooding waters

Day 329 With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.

In the end of November there seems to be never ending rain. The darkness seems to start of the day and end the end. Many people find these months tiring and draining.

Isaiah 12:3

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.

  The Lord reprimands me daily, but not in an angry manner, but by my own actions coming back to me. But where do I go from there? I still know the Lord loves me, in fact all of us, but this reminds me just enough to turn to the Lord and drink from his never ending well of water. When I do this, and my self doesn’t get in the way, the day goes so well and smoothly, but it is not about getting through your day. I feel it is about trying to live in the moment in God. Any times today I was saying the Lords prayer just to steady my mind. It wasn’t endless repetitions but trying to get a mindfulness on the moment. The church of England have produced a short film and this has been excluded from cinemas. I feel this is a shame as many many people need to be focussing on this prayer as we go through our lives.

Lord God, let us not forget your voice and your direction. Let us not forget to draw upon your water for strength and for renewal of our spirit.


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