Gate to somewhere

Day 313 when they found him, they exclaimed: Everyone is looking for you! Jesus replied, ‘Let us go somewhere else

The Way

The Way leads down into the fields,
the valleys below holds secrets veiled,
Our journey continues along the path,
constantly seeking the way on with our staff,
Sometimes again the path is unclear,
your heart starts to doubt with indecisive fear,
then the river you hear as it drives you on,
guides you back to the path just beyond,
Constantly moving over valley and field,
Until your arrive where your soul may be healed

Mark 1:37-38

when they found him, they exclaimed: ‘Everyone is looking for you!’

Jesus replied, ‘Let us go somewhere else

We are all on different journeys. But God has offered many of us a place in heaven where he will once again dwell with us, and dwell among us. Jesus was always moving around trying to get the message to as many as possible. He would give a light to one person and then move on.

Someone this week asked me “How could a good God condemn someone to hell in torture for eternity”. Well I am not sure what Hell is like, I’ve never been there but it seems a godless place, a place without God. That would seem torture to me because I am constantly seeking for Christ, even though I pray to God every day I still am seeking Him.

The point is that if God is good then he will judge everyone fairly, and those sins will have to be paid for somehow. The good news is that I believe God doesn’t want to see people suffer and so He sent His Son to suffer for us. But many have turned directly against Jesus and are actively seeking out Christians to torture and kill in this life. As much as I pray for many to see the error of their ways and grasp the light, I realise that some are too full of evil to accept Jesus and they will have to be judged. But I will not judge, nor are we I believe called to judge, but to forgive.

Let God be the judge, and let us shine as people of the light so that we can shine for others to follow, as many as we can guide, for Jesus stands ready with His arms out-stretched ready to heal all our sins so that we may dwell with Him in eternity.

Dear Lord,
I pray for those that are suffering tonight, 
I pray for the oppressed across the earth that you may come down and protect, comfort and heal them,
I pray for the oppressors who are full of darkness,
Let our light from you shine into them and lead them to the light.


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