Day 293 For hardship does not spring from the soil,

What wonderful flowers just grow in random places bringing colour and beauty to all the parts of the earth. It is only random in the fact that the seeds are spread mostly by birds and small mamals. This foxglove has gown up and is beautiful. I can’t remember the last time anything ever grew out of the soil that was unpleasant. Yes I am not too keen on slugs, but that is more to do with the thought or fear of all those little grubs on them.

Job 5:6-27

For hardship does not spring from the soil,
    nor does trouble sprout from the ground.
Yet man is born to trouble
    as surely as sparks fly upwards.

God has created a wonderful world and he has set it in motion so that it will show aspects of his beauty and will point to the creator. The foxglove is important because extracts can be taken from these plants and made into medicine for humans. How amazing is that, that God would design a plant not only to look wonderful, but to hide into its genes the information to heal the human body. Of course the second amazing fact is that it took human imagination to come up with this idea.

Hardships come from our sins or others. Mis-reading a situation and jumping in to help is usually what I end up doing. But I can not expect any type of forgiveness from the earth as it is just a living system that does not speak.

Dear Lord, help us to be more like your Son Jesus. Help us to put ourselves to the work that must be done, in a joyful manner.


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