Spotted deer in grove

Day 272 He makes my feet like the feet of deer,

There is such diversity of life that has a need for love. Deers, animals, flowers, trees, the earth. All require love, and love through the Spirit of God, from Jesus, from the Father. This young spotted deer is ready to bounce to safety if I should approach closer. I remember having only seconds to take the picture before it sprung away to the comfort of its herd.

Psalm 18:33

33 He makes my feet like the feet of deer,
The Lord helps us to walk through each day with hopefulness in the face of adversity.

And sets me on my high places.
He takes us to places that we could not get to on our own.

34 He teaches my hands to make war
He teaches us that we must make war by putting our hands together in prayer for the day ahead.

So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.
The Lord leads us to direct our aim towards helping others.

35 You have also given me the shield of Your salvation;
The Lords peace and love protects us from all the stumbles along the road each day.

Your right hand has held me up,
When danger ensues God lifts us out of danger

Your gentleness has made me great.
Gods teaching of gentleness to all is within us all

36 You enlarged my path under me,
The way that God wants us to walk is obvious if we but listen

So my feet did not slip.
We will not stumble if we put our hope and faith in Christ 


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