moon in sky

Day 270 so we, being many, are one body in Christ.

You see a bright ball of light in the sky. So bright and it casts so many shadows. So beautiful, as it reflects beauty at every point. This is not the sun but the moon. The moon travels across our sky reflecting the glorious light from the sun. That is our purpose.

To reflect the glory of God.

But where did I show love and where did people show love back. Certainly not where you would expect to find it. The morning was hard because no matter how much I tried to show love, people seemed to respond with indifference. With “we are special, you are not!” Most people responded with silence, with a joyless mourning.

Let me say this was not my home church I was at but as a guest somewhere. What were these people mourning – God?

1 John 4:8

He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

I would suggest that we could take this one step further. Where there is not love, there is not God.

I am trying not to criticise another church but only to voice my concerns that there is only one church, and if that church is ill, then we are all ill. My son bumped his head today and I comforted him, I didn’t critisise his bump. We need people to comfort the church and bring it through love out of its pain – because I see the pain in the eyes of the people that sit listening to a ceremony that has no meaning, in words that have no understanding, and in actions that show no joy.

If we have confessed Jesus Christ as our Lord and saviour, then He has sent within us God’s Holy Spirit, and we are by very nature the holders of the holy inner chamber with God’s presence within. This is a joyous thought and it fills me with hope at every opportunity. We are individual bricks in this church and there can be no divisions. We must reflect love.

So many people don’t get church. Why is it that even though church is for the broken and not for the fixed, we seem to get people who condemn people for being broken.

It is like the doctors turning patients away and tutting at them because they are ill.

I heard a message by Bishop Julian Henderson the other day which stated that if there is not change then the church will cease to be. I agree. I feel that we must stop turning people away, stop putting people off and greet people with love, all people! But we must stop emphasising our differences, Anglican, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, and many others and announce we are one in Christ

 so we, being many, are one body in Christ.

There is no simpler message. God is love and He has put His name on us, so we by that very word must reflect this glory back to Him through love. Let us all glorify God through our life

Lord, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
I pray we say the message clearly,
I pray we say the message so people can understand,
I pray we speak plainly,
I pray your Gospel is spoken so that people can hear,
so that people can understand,
I pray that I do not condemn but lead as a light,
I pray that I show love at all times,
I pray that my arms will stretch out wide,
to draw many others in to receive your love,
to receive broken alike,
to lead as you led.


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