Day 254 I lift up my soul to the Lord

The sun is lifted up and it’s light sits beyond the tree. A small wisp of high level cloud trickles across the sky as the radiant glow tells me it is time to get to work.

Psalm 25

I lift up my soul to the Lord. 

Have you ever asked yourself, what would happen if many, many people just offered up their talents, projects, and aspirations to God, and asked him “so what can you do with this?”

I see many people do this already, and they are making a true difference bring the kingdom to fruition, but what if thousands that doubted God did this and then waited and saw what happened with these offerings.

In the old testament offerings are given to God and they are burnt. Either by a supernatural event where God reaches into this reality to intervene, or the appointed priests perform the offering, and these are a payment for sins.

In the new testament God himself came down to offer himself, because the blood of rams and animals was not good enough. God had to do something so shocking it would change history. Despite the sorrow and pain felt on the cross and the loss as he was laid in the tomb, this is nothing compared to the joy that was felt after as everyone saw and met with Jesus after he rose from the dead. The only way Jesus could have paid for all our sins is if Jesus was and is, and is to come – God.

The proof of God is not a simple test tube, but that you have invited God into your heart and offered up yourself so that you will serve him where ever he will command and if this happens then you will surely not fail, because God himself will throw away your sins never to be seen again.


Hidden within the branches of the tree is a small flame, that the closer you get to it will completely consume you, but in return God will put Himself within so that you can have the authority on this earth. The journey to the Son is fearful at times but the reward is paradise.

Dear Lord, help me to offer all my gifts and skills up to you, help me to offer all my aspirations and dreams to you, help me offer all that I am to you.


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