Day 241 Do you not know that we shall judge angels? Through God crafting us!

fallen logs, grand trees and the house.

There are logs at the bottom of this picture. These were once great trees and they have been chopped down, and left for nature to take its course and cover them in plants, bracken and life. They will eventually become havens of life. Small eco systems.

The grand trees that stand in the picture are proud. They shine with there current life and they too have mini eco systems within their branches. Ivy creeping up their trunks, and trees that are bare. They look down upon the logs.

The house stands as a product of human hands. Made from many materials, but many of the materials will indeed will be wood made perhaps from local trees.

I wonder whether this can similar to the life we lead. There are people past, but their legacy has been left and new life stems from their fruits, or from their labours, or simply they just got so self centred that there is no legacy. They left nothing. Are these the trees that get covered in vines and fungus, that by the end of the trees life it is not useful for much, just to be left.

No trees ever think. Or so I believe! But they certainly wouldn’t ever sense that they may end up as a house, or the beams for a house. No tree could imagine that it could be crafted into beams, or even art, or tools to be useful.

Just like we could not possibly perceive how God could use our talents and gifts to create glory for Him. How we could possibly be beautiful in the sight of God, we mere humans, tiny creatures. God in the Super Power – pure love, we are creatures! How he can wander through his garden pruning the dead wood and making it beautiful, but even after our life here God will use us for his house. There is a snippet of a strange verse in Hebrews which eludes to how we could be of use to God, perhaps after we are gone, or even when we are still here.

1 Corinthians 6:3

Do you not know that we shall judge angels?
How much more, things that pertain to this life?

We shall go on, if we hold fast to our faith, to be higher, or to govern the angels in heaven. How this will happen I do not know but it is surely beyond what we can comprehend. I certainly could not comprehend governing anyone, I barely can get through my daily routine without greed creeping in “I want this”, “that looks good, wouldn’t it be good to have that”. But we must have joyous faith that we are chosen, we are set apart, we have accepted the gift of eternal life and surely God will craft us with his hands in time and we should be useful to God for anything that he should desire; beams, tools, works of art, furniture. What ever God creates is beautiful; artists, musicians, teachers, leaders, nurses, humble workers, carers, listeners, speakers, computer programmers, scientists, doctors, healers…..

Dear God, may we exhort your holy name, let us be beautiful as works of your hands, and may we be continually crafted, pruned, and kept healthy both in body and Spirit in this life and the next to show glory to you, One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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