granny's bay

Day 227 Wait on the Lord and keep His way….for You Shall See It!

The picture shows the sea and sands at Lytham in Lancashire, looking out from Granny’s Bay.  A wonderful day of sun and play for the children and ice creams and walking and searching through the stones on the sands.

I feel like when I look out to sea, that something expectant will arrive, like I am waiting for someone. With our faith, we are called to endure. No I don’t mean we shall not enjoy life or taste its pleasures, if God has blessed us then we should thank him, but I mean that we are called to endure for our faith. People may laugh at us, strike us, cause us to loose every physical thing on this earth, or even endure torment as many women and girls seem to be doing when captured by isis, but we should have hope and wait on the Lord for He will not leave us.

Our faith is – that Jesus Christ has died and rose for us, for you and me, and that we believe in that. That’s all the sinner on the cross did when he asked Jesus to remember him. Jesus gave His assurance, and that assurance is worth more than anything in this world or the next.

Our Faith is not that we believe that Jesus was just a great prophet, or that he just did some good things, or that he was even just a cool person at finishing an argument. But that we believe that “Hallelujah, Christ is risen” and through this proof we have assurance that Jesus is divine, He is God. He has power over death, over nature, over everything because He created it. He was there at the start of creation and everything was created through Him.

Psalm 37:34

34 Wait on the Lord,
And keep His way,
And He shall exalt you to inherit the land;
When the wicked are cut off, you shall see it.

So we are called to wait on the Lord with patience, with love, and with thanks giving. If we show patience and love for God and for everyone we encounter in our lives, then I don’t think we can go far wrong.

But the one line that jumps out at me tonight is, “You shall see it”, perhaps as I am waiting on a beach, perhaps as I am praying for the sick, perhaps as I answer the phone, but the truth of Jesus comes through each day, little by little as proof because “I see it”. I pray and His proof appears over time.

So I pray that we have patience, we continue to pray and cast our concerns on Jesus, in thanks giving, and having assurance in him. His death and His glorious resurrection.


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