sunset 12th Aug

Day 224 In beginning, God

The picture shows the sunset tonight in black and white. The light is extremely bright and there is a very bright red in the sky surrounding the yellow sun. But it being a black and white photograph we can not see the colour. Perhaps you don’t see the shades of red or the different shades of blue. I was wonderful.

We can be seeing Gods work and understanding what he wants us to do, but we may fail to put this into practice. What stops us, can we not see the colour and fully comprehend his glory?

ladybug gripping grass
ladybug gripping grass

This ladybug can see the goal, it can see where he wants to get to but he grips onto the stem for dear life. I was attempting to take a picture of him and the wind was blowing the grass and so I grabbed the grass to steady it and this froze the poor creature in terror. Fear can hold us back.

Mark 7:23

All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.

Perhaps not comprehending his full glory and being filled with fear can be the two most terrible attacks the enemy can have upon us. They urge us to act in a hateful way or in a selfish way. Or they because they require some sacrifice that we have become comfortable with they may nudge us towards ignoring the problem.

This week I have been plagued with not acting on the moment. Not stopping to help a stranger but saying “I’ll do this first and return later”, or not even realising someone needed help even when it was in plain site – just like the sun in black and white – I don’t see the full colour.

Genesis 1

In beginning God

So tonight I urge us all to start, to just stop reading any texts, emails, this blog, anything that can have us aimlessly staring at something other than God, and cast your eyes inward to God the Holy Spirit, to lead you in prayer so that you can take away these temporary shackles and once again feel the comfort of Jesus’ comforting yoke to bring Glory to God the Father. Begin in prayer to God tonight.

Dear Lord, I have sinned in that I have failed to act when you have placed situations right in front of my eyes. Help me to relax my grip of fear of acting in the moment and go out with joy to do your work.


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