apple, fruit of the tree

Day 217 for a tree is recognised by its fruit.

Matthew 12:33
“Make a tree good and its fruit will be good,

or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad,

for a tree is recognised by its fruit.

The tree in the garden has now produced fruits as it does about this time each year. You won’t be surprised to hear that it has always produced apples. They are the sort that are good for baking or making drinks with but they are not much good for eating.

It is quite a healthy tree and so produces this fruit each year.

The fruit that Jesus is talking about is the good works. Jesus went around preaching the gospel and healing people.

I was wondering what good works have I done today. I’ve answered some emails with a  positive note. I’ve been with my children as we went climbing. I met with another chap for a concert discussion, and I spent the rest of the day with the family watching a film at the cinema.

Was any of these things producing fruit. Well I think so. Spending time with the family and trying to enjoy each others company doesn’t have immediate proof of the fruit but over time the children will appreciate it and I believe that these times are important. Meeting with people and trying to be a light I think is another way to produce fruit, people get to know you can keep your word and you are an approachable character.

Whilst these things are good for us and others there is another type of fruit I have seen this week. That is the fruit of my prayers. I have been praying for a some people to be used for God’s purpose and it has started to become evident. It is great when God’s work comes to fruition, but why is it always the small things that affect myself and not the huge problems in the world that affect other people are answered.

Jesus healed and showed compassion on the people he met or people he had contact through, like messengers that were sent to ask for healing for someone. When Jesus was here on earth in his earthly ministry we don’t hear stories of him praying about people suffering elsewhere. Perhaps he did and I missed it, but is this what God is like. He heals and changes those lives personally and things that are far away he waits until someone personally involved prays to him?

Perhaps another reason that God deals with us personally is that with the relationship between parent and child. As a parent I feel compelled to take an interest in my children’s projects and ideas. I don’t know how many times I have listened to stories that my son has made up – but he does enjoy making stories up. God I feel is the same, He enjoys spending time with us if we allow him.

How do we spend time with him?

Perhaps by praying, by trying to be in a mindful manner thinking of God, but also by doing small acts of love, by spending time with your children, by responding to people in a positive manner and trying always to show love. These things are surely the fruits of our work. Sometimes we will produce large fruits and sometimes small, but we must be thankful that God has blessed us to produce fruit at all.

Dear Lord, if I have offended today, or been to grumpy or moody then forgive me. If I have not payed as much attention to my children as I should have, then forgive me. Lord help me to deliver your message in the way you want me to without showing selfishness or seeking to do things to benefit just myself.


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