crocodile or hand

Day 216 There go the ships, and Leviathan, which you formed to play in it.

The clouds show a shape slowly creeping across the sky with the sunset gradually thinning and descending once again. I looked at this image and I thought of a crocodile. Does any one else sit there some nights and just make shapes with the clouds. I think people perhaps have done that for many many years, including Winnie the Pooh! But they have also done that with the stars, naming them after their popular heroes and gods.

But does anyone think it is strange that no one dared name a constellation after the one God?

Look again at the image and tell me what you see, is it a hand calming the fire (or reaching out to touch a healing hand to the hospital on the right) or is it a crocodile coming in for the kill?

crocodile or hand
crocodile or hand

Obviously this is just fun and God tells us not to look for signs, but it does make me wonder, if God created us in His image with many of His attributes, does he ever play or have enjoyment watching his creation.

Psalm 104:26

There go the ships, and Leviathan, which you formed to play in it.

I have played the “let’s make shapes out of the clouds” game with my son many times, and it is great to while away time on a hot day lying on your back. But it also reminds me that in life we may be “Glass half full, or glass half empty” people. I am generally an optimist and overly cheerful at times, but when in front of God I am bare. God knows me because he created me so there is not a screen I can put up, He knows every little thought and every little deed, and so I must treat God with utter respect because He is not like me in many ways.

Lord, I know you test me daily and I pray that you do not test me beyond what I can take. I am weak at times and not always fully committed to you. Help me through the guidance of your Son to grasp your uniqueness, grasp your small quiet voice in my life as I walk and pray to you. I ask that you do this through your glorious Holy Spirit so that I may be a sacrifice for you.


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