Day 198 Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation

In this picture you can see the sea. You can see clouds that have been sailed through and are past. You can see the ripples in the water of where we have come from. I am looking back on a boat on the way to another country.

I feel it is sometimes good to look back and use those lessons to teach us in the future, and this is something especially important with remembering the wars that have been fought and most importantly the sacrifice and what that sacrifice was for. The first world war, the second world and many others.

As I gazed out at the sea, I remembered many people that are no longer with me that encouraged and helped me on my way. People who encourage you in your life are like prophets crying out to help you.

Arthur, a friend who taught me piano and encouraged, in fact was the most important person to help me go to university to study music. He must have seen something special within me.

Norman, who taught me the meaning of being eternally happy and blessed even when he had endless things wrong with his body and his life was clearly a struggle.

And Jesus who came to me when I was at my lowest and raised me up and gave me a message to proclaim. I know I have been given a message to proclaim that is more important than anything. I can say that with faith and hope because His Holy Spirit guides me on a daily basis.

I have been led to this position in life, but sometimes when looking back I fail to see a way forward. From this point on the boat I was unable to see the way it was going. And so we need to give thanks for what has been, give thanks for was is and give thanks for what is to come and look to proclaim the good news.

Mark 16:15 ESV

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.

The good news of salvation is that Jesus came to guide us. He died for us. He rose from the death and he forgave our sins, but he also left a helper the Holy Spirit who will guide you to show you the power of God.



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