first wild strawberries

Day 193 that we might be a kind of firstfruits of His creatures, through Jesus

Here we see wild strawberries. The first from this year. We normally don’t get many but those we do get taste lovely, even if they are but a handful.

James 1:18, Matthew 7:12, Acts 7:54-60, 

James 1:18

18 Of His own will He brought us forth by the word of truth, that we might be a kind of first fruits of His creatures.

All things are renewed through Christ, and the old testament was also renewed to the new. Fulfilling all the laws and prophecies about Jesus and summing the laws into the Golden law Matthew 7:12 – treat others how you expect to be treated. But here we read we are the first fruits of Christ.

A wonderful day was had today as I was part of Christ Church’s 150 year celebrations, helping with the music. myself, my wife Sue, and some friends turned up to play jazz together to bring some joy throughout the afternoon. The previous day I had conducted the Preston Concert Band at the Charter theatre in a charity concert. Friends, acquaintances and people that I spoke to just turned up, gave their time and performed fantastically on all occasions. As a musician I have always tried to be fair and if I said I would do an event then I would do it. And so when I ask others to help me out they do. This is the first fruits of commitment. I offer all these successes up to God. God is love and he instills in me a desire to do good to others, to help them out, and so we are rewarded with the growth from our first fruits.

Other performers, the wannabe stars and the those seeking stardom in the pop industry seem to have a disregard for making things easy for people, as many and their agents seem steered towards making their client the most complicated person, and the most separated person that you would ever book. How they will come back down to earth again.

As well as seeing the first fruits of God at work in mine and others lives; friendships developing, a deeper prayer life, a holier life, projects coming together – I can also see the first fruits of the bad things that still remain in my life. Too much time spent on a computer, or doing projects away from the family will have an impact – even if they are good intentioned.

We need balance, we need to constantly ask ourselves “what will be the fruits of this action?”

Dear Lord, we need to be mindful that by your Word of God, everything was created but even more, as the first man was created by God coming down and holding this very matter together to make one of us and breath his spirit into us. We are truly blessed through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and resurrection which go way beyond what many would give back. But there are Christians, children and adults that are going to their deaths and are keeping the faith of our Lord – Just like Stephen did. Acts 7:54-60, 

If these can have such conviction then surely we can have courage and be hopeful, and pray for your never ending love to come down to this earth and set everyone on the only true path – through Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour, fully human and fully God.


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