The sea

Day 185 Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest

The sea is constantly coming in and out, it is always there and always has been. It works its gentle waves over rugged rocks making them into smooth works of art.

God’s Spirit I feel is much the same, I feel like God is working his gentle waves, his love over me each day.

One way I feel today that he has been working is by highlighting my complaining, and others about things that we shouldn’t really complain about. Do we not realise when we go about our lives grumbling that we are not portraying a good image for God. We are after all his representatives. We re-present his image. We have been been made in his image, but we are constantly taken off guard by the enemy who seeks to distract us, and that is all he can do because God’s love is sufficient to lead us to Him.

Hebrews 4:11

Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience. 

Rest is extremely important. So many times I have come unstuck because I have not got enough rest. But God also can renew our energy through prayer and through being with him. Sometimes I have just been awoken early and felt the need to pray, and even though I didn’t get that much sleep God made the day run smooth and put all the necessary things in place for me to do his will.

Today I felt the need that I can not complain about others.

I see someone dressed and I feel my mind criticise. What right have I got to say what someone should wear or how revealing they should dress. Surely God is the one that will come upon us and instruct us, our job is just to lead people to Him.

I am eating a meal and someone complains about the chips being cold. But when I consider the people in the world at that moment that have no food I just ask forgiveness for this person, even though at times I have complained about food.

I complain about lack of money even though there are people that have no money or beg for every penny.

We truly are blessed in this country with every blessing that God can think of and what do we do, complain.

We need a rest from complaining and we need to experience life and discover how sacred and blessed a life we are living. The sea eventually conquers all and changes all things to its purpose, sunken ships into coral reefs. How much more our God can change me, and you to his purpose if you only do not harden your heart.

Dear Lord, forgive my foolish ways. What ever rest, or relaxation people need, I pray you allow that to happen. I pray that I can rest in small places. Dear God, I pray that I do not complain because we live a blessed existence here. Dear God give us all inspiration and the love to carry out your mission.


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