I Cry Out To You, Lord, Hear My Prayer…

Pastor Michael Moore's Blog


My heart aches today, Lord
Nine lives taken senselessly
A church is supposed to be a place of refuge
Last night it became a slaughterhouse
So much hatred in this world
Lord, your heart must break
We are all created in your image
Called to be sisters and brothers
Yet my sisters and brothers of color
Are treated as less than human by some
You know the pain and the sorrow
Your son hung upon the cross
Tortured and murdered by the Empire
Lord, I don’t know what to pray
Hear the groans of my aching heart
Comfort all who mourn
Dona nobis pacem
Grant us peace

Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church mourns… our nation must mourn… this must stop… love can overcome hate… color of skin is just that… color… we are all God’s children… each one of us… regardless of race, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, ethnic background……

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