jewels in the bush

Day 170 the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field

Hidden in some grasses after the rain was some weeds and plants, but with the droplets of rain it looks like some very finely designed jewels that have been made for some princess. The photographs never do the real thing justice, never really recreate the image and experience as I experienced it. But you might get the idea.

Matthew 13:44

44 “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.

I have had a week of some success and some failure. Both with walking with God and with spreading the word;

Seeing holiness in an ordinary elderly lady, and trying to encourage her that the young are responding to the message.
A sense of emptiness one day where I couldn’t find quality time to be with our Lord and being faced with the love of God at the end of this day.
A couple of days where I felt steadied by our Lords presence in my day, even if I only realised it in retrospect.
Praying for many people and falling asleep praying.
Being encouraged by some responses and reacting badly to other responses.
Devoting more time to praying and listening, and feeling some prayers were just simply words.
Feeling Gods presence in a message and stumbling over trying to articulate that message on.

Isn’t life alive with success and failure?

By that I mean that I haven’t achieved how God wants me to live yet but gradually I am changing, I am on my way and that gives me hope. Some people think I am the the eternal optimist, or the blindfolded fool stepping of a cliff with his faithful dog following? But God knows what I feel in my heart and He will judge eventually.

More hope is found when people are on the journey with me. We encourage each other and help to build each other up.

I am still seeking what it truly means to be alive and walk with God, and I believe my deepest desire is to walk with Him. He is my jewels in the grass. But I feel that when I do buy the field with the jewels in so I can legally own the rights to them, I should then hold a party and invite as many as respond to the invitation. I don’t want to be alone with this joy because that would not be true joy. I want to share its glory, its beauty, its peacefulness, its greatness, its love.

Nature is not just in pictures; it is in smells, tastes, sights, touch, hearing, and experiencing.

I want to do more than simply read about God. I want to do much more than understand the theology, in fact the very word makes me yawn – I’m sorry but it does. God I feel is about making that connection and sharing this relationship, introducing him to others so we can all get to know, and more importantly be saved from this sinful, earthly desiring life.

Dear Lord, I pray for all souls that have a blockage that is stopping them connect to you.
I pray for all souls that are hurting, that are in pain and they feel bitter and perhaps blame you.
I pray for all the people I make a connection with or just meet in passing that I can leave them with a sense that an invitation to you is open to them and we can all be led to the wedding feast and experience your undying, never ending love.


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