beauty in nature

Day 161 They say “the Lord does not see!”

On the corner of a turning on a busy street there is an oak tree and nestled in front is the most wondrous yellow buttercups and grass, supporting much insects and wildlife. The vibrant colours and beauty struck me today as I drove past, and I vowed to return later to take a picture.

The news reports were of more refugees dying in boats trying to reach a safe land, and the popular tea time show did an article where it got peoples views on what we should do. I seemed moved when some people were saying that we should send them back, we should stop them from coming to our country, to the united kingdom. Is this the great nation that was founded on the Magna Carta? A treaty that was meant to bring some basic values; democracylimitation of powerequality and freedom under lawfreedom of speechfreedom of belief.

We have already seen that through the Asher’s case in Ireland that the freedom of speech is under threat.

Does the Spirit within provoke me to write about the refugees because as a Christian, as someone that is supposed to be following God’s word, we are to show love. These are not even our enemies but many of these will be Christians. Can the people of this country not see that if we start to turn away and not show love then our great country will be a land that is despised and is seen as turning their back on helping others. Surely we have always helped other countries. What did the two world wars ever teach us? If the people who fled from Hitler were to be ignored and told to go back, we would have been as bad as the German authorities that allowed Hitler to issue those commands.

The Magna Carta seems, at least from a layman point, to be about establishing some basic freedoms from oppression and limiting the power of the tyrannical rulers.

There is such beauty of colour in the world. The photo is enhanced to show all the rays of dazzling light and its different colours we can not perceive. The world is also full of dazzling cultures of many colours and diverse opinions, but surely we must have a common grounding, a common good?

That common good is God. When people are hurting from attacks from other humans I hear people complain “why doesn’t God do anything?” “Can’t he see?” – Yes He can and He brings these pictures to us.

We can see what is happening, but it is not affecting our daily lives and we can always watch a funny clip on Facebook or youtube to help us forget.

We can hear what is happening but we can always turn our music up higher.

Perhaps it is only when we can actually taste what is happening, when the problems are brought to this soil that we will respond, sadly.

Psalm 94:5-7

They break in pieces Your people, O Lord,
And afflict Your heritage.
They slay the widow and the stranger,
And murder the fatherless.
Yet they say, “The Lord does not see,
Nor does the God of Jacob understand.”

People across the earth are being slaughtered for their beliefs, for their peaceful belief in “Love thy neighbour”. And yet they are the ones paying with their blood and we are complaining that we might not have enough jobs, or enough time, or enough space. 

The Holy Spirit is certainly with them as Christians, Hindus, and other peaceful people are going to their deaths for God, whilst we drive past in air conditioned cars and watch it nonchalantly on our phones, iPods, tablets, tvs and radios.

God has provided us with sustenance and much, could we not offer some to these people. What would be the worst, that we would take in a family from abroad and grow up with them as friends professing our faith and belief in a God that is good and loves all that seek repentance.

grass sunlight

There may be sunlight and warmth, but the grass at the front, at the front line is turning red with blood. How long before as a country we pray and ask for Gods help to help us to help them?

corn of grass
corn of grass

I feel like one corn of grass, but I know that my God wants me to stand up and be counted. Can we not once again help all who need help and stop worrying about our life of comfort?

Dear Lord, Help them, protect them, comfort them, bring them your peace, bring the whole world to proclaim your Son Jesus Christ King of the earth.


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