sheltered lane

Day 138 He shall become a sanctuary

I awoke to see a small robin sheltering under a bush from the torrential rain. He was gone before I could get my camera out. I thought nothing of it and after my prayers I went about my day.

How small and insignificant an event might seem at the time, but when you put it in context, when you think back it is just the message you need. You see God doesn’t speak to me in words, as much as I pray for that sometimes, He just is grander and more Godlike in the way He speaks. He is Holy and perhaps his holy way of speaking is through creation, through art, through music, through experiencing all the senses. He speaks through nature, he speaks through the bible, he speaks through people, he speaks through many other ways.

I prayed that God would put me into action, would push me forward with a subtle kick. That subtle kick came in the morning when I found myself leading the morning prayer, not knowing what to say and then this image of the robin came to me and then the words came to me.

Jesus will not abandon us, ever.

Isaiah 8:13-14

The Lord of hosts, Him you shall hallow;
Let Him be your fear,
And let Him be your dread.
14 He will be as a sanctuary,

Are we scared of men rather than God? Are we scared of people’s opinions rather than Gods? Are we scared of anything that we might lose in our life?

When you feel yourself slipping, just think of God and pray to him to strengthen you, drop to your knees if you must, make the sign of the cross if you must, do anything that will help you to connect but connect. Prayer works. I prayed today and it worked.    Prayer to God is absolutely essential to our life with him, without prayer we do not connect.

Hallow the Lord by treating yourself with respect,
believe he is Holy,
he sets the standard for holiness through his only Son Jesus Christ.
He sent his Holy Spirit to dwell in you.
When you start to think about abusing your body in any way,
think on that within you dwells the Holy Spirit.

Fear the Lord and let him take your fear,
for he shall not let you down ,
he shall not abandon you,
as Jesus didn’t abandon his followers after his death.
unlike any other prophet did from any other religion –
Jesus Christ is the only one ever to come back and teach after his death. 

Dread the Lord and let him take your dread,
for these things block us from achieving God’s kingdom.
Do you not think the Lord wants us to be happy and to try and fulfil our hopes,
then give him your dread and move towards the Lord’s goal.

He will be as a sanctuary and so shall you,
the Lord is my sanctuary and I call upon him to help me in my daily life,
to help others I meet and I encounter,
but I must treat myself as a sacred sanctuary of the Lord.
If you feel you have problems with alcohol,
or drugs,
or any addictions,
then ask the Lord for help for he will be swift and he will come.


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