Reflective sunset

Day 134 On earth as it is in heaven.

Here we see a beautiful reflected image of the sunset taken from Lytham again. The easiest coast to get to but also prone to some wonderful sunsets. When things are going great do we thank and think of God or are we too busy revelling in enjoyment. Yes the message is the good news and we must put it forward as that because seriously – what is the alternative?

Matthew 6:10

Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.

I know Jesus came to me when things where low, not when things where great and I was enjoying life. He appears to Job when things are at his lowest, and what an appearance and a settling of the matter. God seems to wait to the last minute to step in, deliberately testing our resolve to stand up for him, and we must be tested because he is offering us a place in his kingdom. But he is seeing what we make of his kingdom here and now before we go onto the next great adventure. The earth has beauty, it has imagination, it has colour but it is like in the picture where the water blurs the real image and the sky is crisp clear.

In our good times praise him, in our low times wait in patience for the Lord to sustain and save you from all you ask him to. He might do this in another way that you never ever imagined but he will take you on a wondrous journey into his love

Dear Lord, let us all hear and do your word here and now in this life and succeed as good soldiers of Christ standing up for your will, your word, and not going along with the ever changing minds of public opinion which is like the grass as it grows and then withers and dies before coming back out again.


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