Sunset Fulwood

Day 133 Sing, O heavens, for the Lord has done it!

The sunset tonight was dazzling at first, the colours seem to go a deep red at one point and then gently the orange took over and then the last rays of the sun sank beneath the horizon.

Isaiah 44:23

Sing, O heavens, for the Lord has done it!
Shout, you lower parts of the earth;
Break forth into singing, you mountains,
O forest, and every tree in it!
For the Lord has redeemed Jacob,
And glorified Himself in Israel.

This week, apart from recovering from the weekend I have been focussing on connection. On why we worship God.

My thoughts was that we worship God to connect to Him.

But the whole story takes thousands of years and started at creation and is still being played out today.

We chose to separate ourselves from God through sin, and from this first sin many other sins were committed and it took many great men and women of prayer to bring our prayers and to ask for forgiveness for our sins. The great patriarchs of our faith became intercessors for us, they said prayers to God for the nation of Israel and God would hear them. But as in the old testament God kept on reminding them that soon all nations would see this light, the light would rise in the darkness.

Jesus came as a permanent solution to our sins. His death on the cross, shedding his blood, and his glorious resurrection finalised the connection with God as a permanent one that we only need to pray through Jesus and He would intercede for us, He would plead for us to the Father. Can you imagine that, Jesus Christ pleading for your life and the journey you have been on, and what is even more awe inspiring about our God is that he has cast the sins we have committed away so that he no longer remembers them.

Our God is amazing for the very fact that he did all that for me, for you. From the lowest to the high, there is no selection test or intelligence test, the only stipulation is that you open your heart and accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour and if you do that the proof of Jesus working in your life will be a change in lifestyle that will lead you closer to God to reconnect with him following the inspiration of the Holy Spirit leading you to Jesus, to the Father.

Isaiah 44 just screams out at me as God saying over and over again – there is no other God. All other routes must be folly.

If there is one gift I could leave my children it would be the faith of Christ. For that I would sacrifice myself, in fact we are called to sacrifice ourselves daily for Christ, let him lead us through life. Be open to his bidding, pray and listen and you will hear.

It does seem a simple answer but it works, when you pray and connect to God through Jesus, God listens. Read Isaiah 44 again and then think, this God can hear what I say and will listen to me and act for me if I ask. Isn’t that an awesome idea? That we get to play out the last part, the finale of God’s Kingdom here on earth and we also get to shape it with our prays and actions.

Dear Lord thank you for saving me and I pray that you will strengthen my family and children and lead them to you as you are leading me.

In Jesus name


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