sunset in March

Day 82 he reigned in Samaria one month

Monday started slow, with lack of energy despite the many things to do. Slowly getting on with the usual routine pulls the body into motions and you gradually feel like your old self. The Elections are near and I am at a loss to even turn the news on to listen to the politicians.

2 Kings 15:13

Shallum son of Jabesh became king in the thirty-ninth year of Uzziah king of Judah, and he reigned in Samaria one month. 

There are some parts of the Bible I do not find that gripping. Sometimes bits do, but reading long lists of who has been who years ago does not seem to be my top of the list of things to read. My favourite book is John because it talks about love and sacrifice.

When I hear of politicians talking about how they are going to change things, it doesn’t thrill me or even prick an interest. Politicians come and go and things just seem more or less the same. Very few actually seem to make a difference. God’s love through the thousands of years of the Bibles history until now endures and it endures forever. When people worry about their circumstances prayer must be called for. Prayer must be our first defence and first offence against worry, against fear.

The Way, the Truth, and the Life

“Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me

Jesus had foretold of Judas betraying Him, of Peter’s denial of Him, and Jesus had told His disciples that He was going to be crucified to death. But the first thing He tells his disciples is “Let not your heart be troubled”. He does this quite a lot. “Be of good cheer” is another favourite of Jesus.

When the path is dirty, when there is junk thrown into a stream and mans’s influence wants to make you despair at our treatment of this earth, God gives us a beautiful sunset to cheer our night.

When things are going pear shaped turn to Christ because His love endures forever – for you.


with blessings


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